Certified Tesla Collision Repair Shop

Electrify Your Repair

Electric cars like the Tesla Model S and Chevy Volt not only contain batteries and electric motors, but also lightweight aluminum that complicates the repair process. At S&T we worked tirelessly to obtain both the tools and training to complete any of these complex repairs. Additionally, we are part of the Tesla Approved Body Shop Network, which allows us access to the specialized Tesla parts.

Owner Steve Baktidy with S&T's Tesla Certification

The uniqueness of electric cars doesn't end when you get out of the driver's seat. The lightweight materials, batteries, and electric motors make the specialized training we received crucial in providing a proper repair for:

  • Electric Motors
  • Carbon Fiber and Aluminum
  • Self Driving Sensors

One of the biggest issues with electric vehicle repair is aluminum rust brought on by improper training and a lack of proper equipment. As a customer, this causes issues because it can take weeks or even months for the problem to show itself.

As a certified Tesla auto body repair shop, S&T Auto Body, we have the skills to provide the repairs you need without compromising the performance of your electric vehicle. From our location in Bronx, NY, we’ve assisted drivers throughout Nassau, Westchester, and Fairfield County so that they can continue to enjoy their electric vehicle for years to come.

If you have been involved in a collision in Queens, Manhattan, Manhasset, White Plains, Scarsdale, NY, or any one of the surrounding communities, visit our certified Tesla collision repair shop today. At S&T we offer an industry leading lifetime warranty because we know our repair work is better than new. For more information contact us today.